You have to prove your trips for your accountant, or simply take note of where you go and how many kilometers you drive by month. This software enables you to record every trip, with a reference to a date, a car, and two locations : departure and arriving.

How to ...

Start the application


Start the application to choose a car, a start location. Change the number of kilometers for this car, and perhaps the current date.
Open the manager to choose departure and arriving. You have to choose a car too. Start your trip...

Optionnaly create or change the car


With the menu, open the car preferences screen and change the datas. You can create, modify, delete ...
If you don't have a car in the database, create one !

You can see the datas recorded


The recorded datas are stored locally, before sending to your mailbox.
Every journey is recorded, with the date you entered...

To send the datas by mail (or otherwise)


Once a month by exemple, you can send the recorded datas to your mailbox to keep trace of your trips.
Send your trips to who you want


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